Sunday, June 1, 2008

Day 14 - May 31, 2008

Ok so I know most of my pics have been of the baby - but he's just such a good subject! Here he is playing with a toy his Auntie Kim bought him, he LOVES anything that makes sound and lights - and this does BOTH!

Day 13 - May 30, 2008

KITTY! Kitty is feeling much better (trip to the vets turned up that a small plastic toy he threw up was causing the issue.....poor kitty!). The cat NEVER gets near the baby - and today for some reason he wouldn't leave the baby alone - the baby LOVES the kitty and in fact is usually found chasing him around the house!

Day 12 - May 29, 2008

I love this picture. 1 - the crazy face, 2 - the drool on his shirt, and 3 - the hockey stick. The stick was a gift from one of his friends at daycare - and of course the sport daddy would most like to see him play. What will be even more funny - if he never plays hockey :)

Day 11- May 28, 2008

Baby laughs are the best sound in the world. Here's the little guy laughing up a storm while daddy tickles him with the dragon puppet on his exersaucer.

Day 10 -May 27, 2008

Another failed day....though I have an excuse. Our dear kitty was very sick and I spent the day at either the vets or cleaning up his "messes". Not my ideal day....

Day 9 - May 26th 2008

Hi guys! The little man has learned to wave - and he waves at everything! He's also a HUGE fan of the camera and tends to smile before I even turn it on!